January 8, 2014

About Us

Hi, My name is Michelle and nineteen years ago, I left the UK to travel around Spain. It was a two-way trip but I arrived in Javea on the Costa Blanca, where I was offered a job with a local inmobiliaria. I am now married to a fellow expat, and Javea is now my home and I love promoting it to the international community.

Our interests are the history, the culture and connecting with like-minded people, who enjoys hobbies such as photography and hiking. When I can, I get in the car and just head where the road takes me, as I enjoy exploring as much of this region as possible.

I hope that you will enjoy this website and continue to be an avid reader. I  love to hear from people who have been to Javea and want to share their stories so feel free to contact me on info@ javea-villas-for-sale.com

Advertise your Villa

Also use the above email address if you want to advertise your villa in Javea, whether it is for sale or rent. When e-mailing, please provide as much details as possible, or alternatively, if you are in the area permanently, we can meet up.

Photos definitely help to sell a property, but if photography is not a strong hobby of yours, I can take pictures for you, time permitting.

If you have not been to Javea, come when you can. I guarantee you will enjoy it.